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Modern traffic management

The way we live now is almost completely dependent on the technology around us. Our lives have become much more easy and convenient thanks to all the technological advancements in the past few decades. Many people argue that this is not something to celebrate, however, that is not what we are here to discuss today. The technological advancements are not just about those old rectangular cell phone turning into the smartphones we have now. When we say every part of our lives have been impacted by tech advncements, we reall mean every part. This includes the way we manage the traffic on the roads, in parking lots, and in neighborhoods.

Technology improved the world’s traffic management in quite a large scale. As years pass, there are more systems developed using those tech advancements. In this blog post, we will show you a few great tools that helped shape traffic management to what it is today, safer, more efficient, and useful.


The Long range RFID

Having decent access control in locations that have restricted access is an incredibly difficult task to do as a single security guard. Mistakes can be made, people can be tricked, and more. This is where long range RFID, radio frequency identification, comes in. This technological system makes use of electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track objects wirelessly. Gated communities is a great example of a restricted area that could very well benefit from the long range RFID as it is a great feature to improve security. The long range RFID comes with several components. The long range RFID reader, the tag, and the antenna. The reader and antenna will be attached to any entrances and exits and the tag will get attached to the vehicles that can get automatic access to the area.               


Traffic feeds live

There are plenty of cities in the United States that have been using sensors to be able to monitor and show a live feed of the traffic. These sensors are placed in areas on roads where they can have a proper view of everything. There are also sensors on the routes that public transportation normally goes. This is useful because these live feeds are also given to the public and they can take that into account if they need to travel somewhere. They can see whether its safe to be on the road due to weather, if there are any road blocks, or if there is a lot of traffic congestion.

Vehicle to infrastructure 

The technological system known as vehicle to infrastructure, or V2I, aids in helping vehicles communicate data using signals of traffic controls. This allows people to get reports about what’s happening in traffic and find out if there are any issues such as unstable weather that isn’t safe to drive in.