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Low risk high profit business ideas

Low risk high profit business ideas


Baking cakes

We use a cake for any fun occasion. For birthdays, an anniversary or just for fun. Do you bake the best cakes? Then you can be sure that people will want to order them from you.


Especially if you can write texts on them or even take pictures your cakes will be a welcome surprise on any occasion. A cake from the AH is pretty good, but nothing beats a special birthday cake baked with love.


What do you need?


A good kitchen

Tasty recipes

To be creative

A woodworking course

Are you a real Ron Swanson and do you know everything about woodworking? Then there are plenty of people who would love to learn this from you. Nothing is as comfortable as your own chair. For the advanced canoeist, how about making a real canoe? Do what you do best.


We all work more and more behind the computer. Many people seek distraction. Working with your hands is something many of us don’t do anymore besides the keyboard. Do you know how to teach people the finer points of woodworking? Then you can set up fun and also profitable courses for enthusiastic students.


What do you need?


A workplace

The right tools

To be able to put people to work

City trip

You see them often in big cities. People carrying umbrellas or other strange flags and a crowd of people following them. These people give tourists a tour like only the locals can. The coziest restaurants, the strangest alleys and the funniest facts about the city.


Are you someone who likes to be around people and also knows a lot about a city? Then you would be able to give these tours. Do you know the nightlife well? Then you could take a group of new international students on a tour. Do you know every museum? There are plenty of tourists for that too.


What do you need?


Know everything about your city

Be able to take people with you

A smooth talk with a good story

Furniture maker

If you have taken the woodworking course then you can now work as a furniture maker, among other things. I can imagine that many people would like a nice seating area in their garden. Can you make this completely to the taste of your customer? Then this is of course a lot nicer than a standard piece of furniture from a furniture giant.


A bar table with beer crate holder in it? A sitting area with bookcase? A side table with glass doors? Invent it or people like to have it in their home from a real pro. How nice is it when people spend their lives using your furniture in their home?


What do you need?


A good workplace

The ability to be creative

Be able to translate your customer’s wishes into a useful product

Maintain gardens

If you look at any street you will actually always see gardens that could use a little upgrade. Pruning the hedge, cutting the grass or weeding. All tasks that you can enjoy doing if you are a real outdoorsman.


In every place, there are people who don’t have the time or inclination to keep it up. Not to mention the people who can’t do it themselves. Think for example of elderly people or people with a physical disability. Your customers will be grateful if you can put the garden in order every once in a while.


What do you need?


Green fingers

The right tools


Giving bootcamps

If you are fit and know how to get someone to move around a lot, it is fun to organize groups for this. Outside in the park with a group of people a HIIT training of 45 minutes in the evening. Enough people who are ready for exercise after work.


Also, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment for this. In most parks there are enough benches, steps and curbs to get your customers moving. You can do this in the evenings next to work or schedule groups throughout the day.


What do you need?


A location (park, public sports field, garden)


A good workout to do with your clients

MasGun massage gun

Give massages

Do you have those velvet hands with which you know how to treat every muscle? Then there are many people who really need your help. Injuries nowadays do not only come from sports or construction work. More and more people have complaints from sitting for long periods of time. A good massage can help them.


It is a rewarding profession and can really help people with their complaints. Of course you have to know what you are doing. You do not need much. With a mat, a pair of good hands and for example a MasGun you can quickly get to work. 


What do you need?


To have knowledge of the body

Be flexible in your hours




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