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Do you want to buy a new diesel generator?

If you have a company that is reliant on power, then it is important that there is always power available. For instance, a power outage at a hospital could have disastrous consequences, as many vital appliances require power to function. Do you want a solution for this, so that you never run out of out power? Buy a diesel generator. This generator runs on diesel and does not require any electricity source to function. Therefore, it is the perfect back-up generator. Do you want to buy a diesel generator? Flanders Surplus NV, located in Waregem, near Kortrijk, sells many different brands of diesel generators.

Find the right model for you

Each organization has its own goals and objectives, therefore it is important that you buy a diesel generator that matches these goals. Do you want to purchase a generator to serve as a back-up power source only? This company sells used and refurbished diesel generators as well. When you want to get a pre-owned model, but are not sure which model to pick, then you can sort the available models based on their amount of current working hours. This gives you an estimate of how long the machine has been used before purchase. Do you want to buy a powerful diesel generator? Then you can also sort the available models based on their power. This way, you can easily make find a suitable model based on the values that you find important.

Sell or trade-in your current machinery

Do you currently already own a diesel generator and are you looking to upgrade? You can trade-in your old equipment, when you buy a new generator at this company. Moreover, Flanders Surplus NV also buys used gasoline and diesel generators, if you only want to sell your equipment. Do you want to buy or sell a diesel generator? Then contact this expert in Waregem, nearby Kortrijk. Their advisors can help you with any question that you may have.