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Books for Long Reflections

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“Disease Canceled” by Dean and Ann Ornish

What are the main remedies for disease? Medicines? Vitamins? Ointments? Not. The main remedy is prevention. You prepare your body, you do everything right … and you don’t get sick. You make mistakes: you lead the wrong way of life, eat junk food, are where you better not be, – you start to get sick. In this book, Dr. Dean and Ann will share amazing and practical techniques that can help you avoid various kinds of illness and easily transition to a healthy lifestyle.

“Social View” by Matthew Lieberman

Who are we? We are people. And we are a social species. That is why these times are so difficult for us, because we have been deprived of the most important thing – communication, the opportunity to share and receive. The whole world seems to have stopped. However, the good news is that now you have time to read this book. And she will give you knowledge that will help you even better understand and realize your nature.

“In Search of the Tombs of Ancient Egypt” by Chris Nonton

What do ancient tombs hide? Why was it so difficult to find them? And why were they actually needed? Chris Nonton’s book provides answers to these and many other questions. On dark but cozy spring evenings, you take this book in hand and plunge into the world of archaeological adventures and incredible discoveries.

“Visualize Work” by Dominika Degrandis

Time is the most valuable resource. It’s important to use it wisely. Are you resting? Develop yourself to get out of a long vacation fully armed. And this book is your faithful assistant. After reading it, you will learn how to create systems for visualizing work. And visualization will help you see workflows as fully and objectively as possible. This small and well-designed book is a treasure trove of useful techniques: Lin, Kanban, Lean, and many more. Read and adopt!

Try to use the allotted time wisely. Pick up a useful book and start reading. Even if it seems very difficult, do not stop developing. Then it will feel better, but there will be no time to acquire new knowledge!

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