34 bottles in a Liebherr WTes 1672

Liebherr WTes 1672 Vinidor is not just an ordinair wine cabinet. This is the smallest Liebherr detached Liebherr wine coolerNevertheless, this wine Cabinet offers the ability to 34 bottles wine store. It is in the world based on a Bordeaux wine cabinetssized bottle. The WTes 1672 has two seperate wine compartments with different size which which by you can be set between 5 ° c and 18 ° c. The shelves also if the wine Cabinet is filled to you be drawn thanks to the telescopic rails. Inthe top compartment you can keep and 14 bottles in the lower part 20. 

The housing and the door is made of stainless steel. The is equipped with UV resistant glass so you can see the beautifulwines. The door is hinged on the right side by default, but can be flipped by a not so simple. Of course you can outsourcethis, but here are costs meegemoeid. This also applies to the install. You can install this wine Cabinet itself, but there are people who prefer, because they find it difficult to the Vibration Reduction Blocks. In itself this is not difficult, but you should two people are to be able to run. In total, this wine Cabinet four verstaal tilt legs so that it itself in the most lopsidedliving room still.

The WTes 1672 buys at Cavepromotor with digital hThe humidity degree of the WTes 1672 can be increased with the built-in fan. This offers the possibility to the humiditywith 10% – 20% increase. If the humidity still too low, you can lava cloves places in the reservoir on the backside in thewine Cabinet. The only question is how can you measure the humidity? For that, you need a hygrometer. These are analogand digitally available. The disadvantage of an analog hygrometer is the need for calibration. This does it best using a digital hygrometer.

By a wine Cabinet to buy at Cavepromotor, you will get the Vibration Reduction Blocks free of charge included in your wine Cabinet. This also applies to a digital hygrometer. So are your wines completely vibration-free and you know that thehumidity is optimal. Promoter to a digital hygrometer is Cave that alerts you when the air humidity is too low. So you cantake action whereby the corks don’t dry out, shrink and no air or bacteria can invade your wine. And to make it easy foryour wine Cabinet is automatically included in the Filter Alert Service. This means that you will get an automatic messagesent each year when your wine Cabinet a new Active carbon filter must be. After payment you will get the right model.

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